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Riwbox IN5 headphones is the best present for those friend who back to school

 This week’ take Riwbox foldable headphones which with protein earpads. It’s a praise column of sorts, with lots of photos. You can learn more about Riwbox IN5 headphones. All the picture show just from some buyers, and the headphones go for 25.99 USD

package with IN5 headphones

This is the best headphones if you wanna buy corded headphones under $30,its quality and pretty,I will show the different color below and they are the same  products same functions

pink headphones for girls

every color products have bring the 3.5MM cable which with microphone and volume control

headphones with microphone and volume control

and its pagkage and blag can filled out with the foldable headphones so you can bring it wherever you go,go to school,go travel,work,any other.

white gold headphones

However,you may have difficulty choosing a color(because I love 4 color all)

But I can tell you if you same as me,you can choose the black gold one

Riwbox IN5 headphones

meanwhile,I like the earpads because its with protein earpads, so that can protect my ear being hurt when listen music or call

Blue headphones

okay,all of these if the foldable headphones for IN5, this will be the best present for those friends who back to school

white gold headphonesI